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Sportchestra: 101 Songs About Sports

How I Came To Get This: Another LP (this one double) seen at FB&C. I expected a thorough ripping on the idea of Sports, and while some of the songs don’t disappoint in that goal, many others actually view a positive spin on the phenomena.

History of the Band: A supergroup of sorts, this one involves the greater portion of Chumbawamba with a large number of guests.

Why this LP: Within a definite style (Guitar, Bass, Drum, Vocals and a fifth instrument) you get a working collection of varying writers, subject matters and takes. Probably the one subject hit upon the most is the passivity of the people who watch sports. Also, the songs sung by the women on this LP tend to have the more interesting takes on stuff (seeing as sport is generally a Man’s…game).

Where You Can Buy This: Right now you can’t buy it…not new, anyway. Mediafire is probably your best bet on this.

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